About Healing House Yoga

Since 2012 Healing House Yoga LLC has provided yoga and yoga-based instruction and services as well as mindfulness and mindfulness-based services to individuals and organizations, wherever they may be. Healing House Yoga LLC is a Registered Yoga School as well as a Registered Continuing Education Provider, recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Before operating out of its current base of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota, Healing House Yoga LLC existed exclusively as a brick and mortar yoga studio in Kansas City MO. HHYLLC now provides content and instruction to meet you wherever you are.  Find out more about receiving the content and support you need Here


With memberships in the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers’ Association as well as Yoga Alliance and with an initial certification in Kundalini Yoga as well as over 9,000 hours of yoga and meditation instruction William Drew provides

  • Yoga Alliance recognized Yoga Teacher Trainings
  • Healing House Yoga LLC Certified Meditation Coach Training
  • Continuing Education (CEUs)
    • Yoga Alliance
    • Board of Social Workers, State of Minnesota
    • Board of School Administrators, State of Minnesota

Since returning home to Minnesota, Drew’s work has allowed him to present the benefits of Yoga-Based Strategies and Mindfulness-Based Strategies to a wide variety of schools, health care providers and businesses as well as private individual clients and small groups. Click Here for references.

When not training others on the benefits of Yoga or Mindfulness-Based Strategies, Drew is enjoying opera or live jazz, perfecting the flying splits or working on lowering his time running a 5k.


Justine Larson joined Healing House Yoga LLC in 2019. Her passion is teaching and training others through yoga and mindfulness based practices to have relevant tools to do life well and to help others in their progression towards becoming the best versions of themselves. Her educational background is in the sciences with an interest in healthcare. It has progressed into a holistic approach through the study of good mental health and self care. 

She is originally a native of northern Minnesota who now lives in the Twin Cities. In her free time she enjoys going on adventures with her kids, reading, gardening, practicing yoga, and being creative.


Edrence Yalley, or Ms. E., joined Healing House Yoga LLC in 2019. A Life Coach, Author and mother of two, Edrence leverages her background and experiences to help all peoples but particularly mothers be their best selves. Edrence is particularly aware of Mindfulness-Based Strategies as opportunities for building resilience, empathy and equity.

In her spare time, Edrence enjoys blogging, cooking and running.


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